Abaveleli Funeral Directors is a 100% black female owned funeral insurance and funeral services provider. The company was originally registered and founded as “Abaveleli Funeral Services” in 1999 by the late Mr. and Mrs. Saul to offer burial solutions to the communities within South Africa. Nwabisa Saul and Unathi Saul are directors of AFS Funeral Services trading as Abaveleli Funeral Directors with the company developing from a family business named Abaveleli Funeral Services.

We currently have a total of 12 branches across Eastern Cape and Western Cape provinces. We serve our customers and communities with affordable and quality funeral products services.

We serve through dignity and trust.

Our Vision

To be the leading service that speedily delivers good quality and dignified services with passion to our needy people.

We at Abaveleli Funeral Directors are passionate about our community. We believe in the African tradition of humanity that is “we are who we are because the people recognized and appreciated that we should be”

Our Mission

To continuously develop and market funeral plans that will be unique and specific to the needs of our people, to help them bury their loved ones with dignity and by doing so giving our clients a competitive advantage in the market place. Our aim is to serve with dignity and

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